Eating my way out of Town

At the end of July, I’m leaving Richmond to move home with my parents. It sounds a bit dreary, but it’s actually a pretty good situation. The entire last year of pharmacy school is clinical experience, meaning we don’t have classes and we are assigned to different clinics and hospitals around Virginia and DC. I opted to have most of my assignments back home since I believe there are better hospital systems there and the dense population will provide a variety of clinical problems. Also, no rent living with mom and dad!

Now that moving is becoming real, my friends and I are eating our way out of town, hitting up true Richmond spots and wondering why we had never eaten there before!

We had first decided to go to a place known not just for their delicious food but also for their terrible service. Being summer, a lot of places such as this close since the students are gone and business is slower. So after reading a heartbreaking note saying the owners were on vacation, we had to brainstorm a new place to go.

We ended up at Baker’s Crust, which at first sounded like a cafe, or a really fancy Panera, but walking in they had this really aromatic bready smell that was also salty and savory. Oh boy, they did have a whole lot more than soups and sandwiches. I ended up getting a Quattro Fromagio (four cheese) pizza with their famous crust. SO GOOD. Probably one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. It had great cheesy flavor and the crust was soft and crunchy at the same time. I also watched a chef make a crepe right next to me an it was so hard to say no!


After that we really wanted to try this new frozen yogurt place, however it was next to a frozen yogurt place that had already been established in town. Reading the comments on foursquare was pretty funny! “froyo wars ground zero” and “Jesus vs non Jesus yogurt” were the more amusing comments. I had a long standing loyalty to Sweet Frog (a Richmond original and the Jesus yogurt), but Yapple had an amazing flavor and creamy texture that was very similar to Pinkberry (the perpetual winner in my heart). I went with the salted caramel pretzel flavor and it blew me away. With frozen yogurt, I normally lean towards fruity flavors since the tartness often interferes with sweet flavors– but not at Yapple!


Of course you couldn’t avoid being drawn in by the grass tiles and the color changing ceiling. I love places that make me feel like a kid again!

Of course after that we got some boba drinks, but boba in Richmond will never be as good as ones at home.

I actually felt sickly full by the time I got home. Moving just makes me feel like I had missed out on so much the past 3 years!


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