My favorite things!

So for those of you who came to find this blog from my other social media platforms, I thought it would be a nice way to introduce who I am by letting you know what some of my favorite things are!

Yes, this does sound entirely materialistic, but it is part of who I am, right?

my favorite things

1. “ForAudrey” from China Glaze–Amazing Tiffany blue color

2. Camelbak water bottle–I try to drink 3 bottle-fulls each day

3. Rainbow flip flops

4. Braided elastic headband

5. Virginia Tech hoodie–always a security blanket for me!

6. Bow-like ring: reminds me of the bow in the Count of Monte Cristo movie

7. Rose-shaped earrings–very delicate and feminine

8. Polo shirts–love them!

9. Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip balm–I swear by this!

10: Ceramic coffee mug–I can’t live without coffee, but I an live without the cardboard waste

11: Ray-ban wayfarers–Very classic, very summery and goes with EVERY outfit!

12: Pearl necklace– mine was my grandmother’s

13: Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30–a gift from my mom after my graduation.  It’s a classic piece that doesn’t scream HEY IM A LOUIS!, and fits like 2 wine bottles, not that I would know…

Hope y’all know a bit more about me.  What are some of YOUR favorite things??


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