Presentation with the Commonwealth

Last week, I had a meeting with some people who work for the Commonwealth of Virginia, on behalf of their employees.  At this meeting, my preceptor and his colleagues had to present the role of a pharmacist in the state’s health care system.  This is one of the few days that I have to dress professional for this rotation (the other days are business casual)

As a student, I try not to stand out so much, but also look presentable and memorable.  My personal preference is to dress conservatively and then dress it up with accessories–you can always take off an extra bracelet or necklace but you can’t go home to change a particularly loud dress.

professional meeting

1. Gray dress: I wore a similar one from J.Crew, it was a little boring, but it was gray among black suits

2. Bracelet and watch: I LOVE making stacks and ministacks with a gold watch.  I recently bought a tortoise shell bracelet from HauteLook, and was excited to wear it.

3. Flats: My gold Reva Flats from Tory Burch are my favorite (a treat for myself for getting an A on a test–did not happen often).  I had to do a fair amount of walking, so I always stick with flats for meetings on the road.

4. Pearl earrings: This meeting, I knew beforehand, was going to be a Boy’s Club.  Pearl earrings are feminine, yet serious.

5.  Padfolio: Be minimal at a professional meeting–don’t bring your purse, it kind of sends the message that you have a lot of other things on your mind. I tucked some cash, my ID (to get into government buildings), important notes, and a pen into the padfolio and I was all set for the meeting.

Another important accessory that I forgot was business cards.  Prior to this year, I never really had a use for them.  Now that I am interviewing for grown-up jobs, and going on these important meetings, I figured it would probably be a good idea to get a set of business cards. has a deal where you can get free business cards (the caveat is that they advertise for themselves on the back).  It will probably just be enough for me to get through this year, as I will no longer just be a “PharmD Candidate” after May 2013!


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