101 in 1001

Start Date: May 1, 2013

End Date: January 27, 2016

In no particular order

1. Become a Doctor

2. Get an MBA

3. Go to a game in Blacksburg again

4. Move in with boyfriend

5. Refurbish an flea market find

6. Paint a “Starry Night DC”

7. Spend an entire week exploring my city

8. Be able to relax on a beach

9. Vine tour in Napa Valley

10. Be equally obnoxious tourists in NYC

11. Attend the Kentucky Derby

12. Host a Super Bowl party

13. Become a Pharmacy manager

14. Finish a Samurai Sudoku every day for 1 year

15. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes

16. Travel to Europe

17. Go to the Harry Potter theme park

18. Adopt a puppy (well, she’s new to me)

19. Run at least a 5K

20. Make 25 things off pinterest

a. Ear Bud Make Over

b. Baby shower favor tags

c. Freezer Cooking

d. Spray painted tray

e. Buffalo Chicken Dip 

f. Macarons

g. Fabric pills

h. Overnight Oats

i. Red velvet pancakes

j. Slow cooker Rueben sandwiches

k. Oven-baked onion rings

l. Thread art 

m. Monogram soap dispenser

n. Nail polish organization stickers

o. Goals chart

p. Brown Sugar Lip Scrup

q. Plastic drawer makeover

s. Marble furniture

t. Polymer clay ring dish

u. Multi-masking

v. Banana bread

w. Apple Enchiladas

x. Kate Spade office

y. Note pads

21. Take my family to a Virginia Tech football game

22. Start a Vlog channel

23. Go to my normal rounds of medical appointments (you think this would be a given for me)

24. Go camping

25. Go zip lining

26. Go to Alaska

27. Get licensed in at least 5 states

28. Have a real beach week

29. Have a professional organizer run through my house

30. Buy stocks

31. Make sushi at home

32. Make macarons

33. Volunteer in a medical reserve corps (signed up for it, but never got a call to action, counts, right?)

34. Start Crossfit again

35. Have a completely country weekend

36. Make a designer decor piece at home

37. Present about my career to aspiring pharmacists

38. Set up a 401K

39. Go scuba diving

40. Read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series

41. Be unconnected for a weekend

42. Set up a home bar

43. Finish my Virginia Tech scrapbook

44. Attend a reunion concert of my favorite childhood bands

45. Grow a little herb garden

46. Learn my blood type (I have no idea what it is!)

47. Attend a cooking class

48. Go an entire month with blogs posted on time (June 2014)

49. Treat myself to a real spa day

50. Set up a pharmacy outreach program in my community

51. Go to Disney World

52. Go on vacation with my parents

53. Fit into a size 6 dress

54. Get a massage

55. Meet with a financial advisor

56. Donate blood

57. Visit my Pittsburgh friend and her kids

58. Take my contacts out every night for one month (such a bad habit!)

-I gave it up for Lent in 2015!

60. Make full payments on my credit card every month for a year

61. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line (probably at the drive thru)

62. Donate to a different charity each month

63. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

64. Hold a yard sale to sell all of our college junk

65. Do a month of pictures on instagram

66. TV binge on 5 television series that are no longer airing (The West Wing, Veronica Mars, Sex and the City, Entourage, Life)

67. Go on a boyfriend vacation (that is not associated with a wedding)

68. Go on a sister vacation

69. Make a batch of unique cupcakes from scratch (not the diet soda kind)

70. Keep my room organized and clean for 1 week (a hard feat!)

71. Visit 5 different countries

72. Bake bread from scratch

73. Bake a pie from scratch

74. Do a photo-a-day challenge

75. Do a daily selfie for a month

76. Make my own pretty statement necklace

77. Do a monthly challenge for a year

78. Host a themed costume party

79. Become a health contributor of a publication

80. Have a New England Beach weekend

81. Bike the WO&D trail

82. Create a Classic Board Game collection

83. Create a YouTube vlog channel

84. Create an online yard sale shop

85. Take a cake decorating class

86. Go to 10 Food Network featured restaurants

a. La Caraquena

b. Metro 29 Diner

c. Jaleo

d. Peking Gourmet Inn

e. Ben’s Chili Bowl

f. Founding Farmers

g. Good Stuff Eatery

h. The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

i. Lady M Confections

j. Ippudo

87. Eat at a 5 star restaurant

88. Stop buying make up for a year

89. Buy a cricut for crafts!

90. Go on a cross-country trip

91. Create the Disney DVD collection

92. Organize all my make up tastefully

93. Have professional photos done

94. Get a Charm City Cake for my boyfriend

95. Get on Jeopardy

96. Do a collaboration with my favorite boutique

97. Finish a crossword completely by myself

98. Do a juice cleanse

99. Go a year without fast food

100. Design a fabulous living room

101. Get into a happy daily routine


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